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Reyami Rental provides a wide range of equipment options to cater to all types of events and projects. Our range of specially designed ablution cabins is the perfect solution to meet the unique requirements of individuals. Our Special Needs Ablution Cabins ensure hygienic comfort at outdoor events. Choose from our diverse range of standard event ablution units to suit your requirements. Whether you require a cabin for an event, construction site, or temporary use, we can deliver and set up the cabin at your desired location.


Choose Reyami Rental for your standard event ablution unit needs and rest assured that your attendees will have access to hygienic and comfortable facilities. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let us assist you in providing accessible and inclusive facilities for individuals and will help you to learn more about our rental options and take the first step towards a hassle-free solution.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to essential facilities, including restrooms and bathing areas. That’s why we offer specialized cabin rentals designed specifically to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, mobility challenges, or other special requirements. Our ablution cabins are thoughtfully designed and equipped with a range of features to ensure comfort, convenience, and accessibility for all. Our cabins are built to be fully accessible, complying with relevant accessibility standards and regulations. We recognize that different individuals have varying needs. Therefore, our cabins can be adapted to cater to different requirements. Our ablution cabin rentals are strategically located in various accessible areas, ensuring convenience and ease of use for individuals with special needs. 

We value our customers and strive to provide exceptional service. Our team is trained to assist individuals with special needs and address any queries or concerns promptly. We are here to ensure a positive and hassle-free experience throughout your rental period. We believe that accessibility is a fundamental right for all individuals. Our specialized cabins aim to bridge the gap and create an inclusive environment where everyone can comfortably and confidently access essential ablution facilities. Together, we can create an environment that promotes equality, independence, and comfort for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent your equipment from Reyami Rental?

Reyami Rental is dedicated to providing late model, quality equipment rentals at the best rates coupled with excellent customer service and support to resolve quickly and completely any issues you may have with your rental.

Can I reserve equipment in advance?

Yes. You can reserve your equipment only up to two days prior to your rental. First time customers must come in to complete the paperwork.

Do I have to return the equipment full of fuel?

We send it out full of fuel so we do ask that it is returned full to avoid fuel charges.

Can I have my equipment delivered and picked up? What are the rates?

We can deliver your equipment to your home or job site. Delivery and pick up rates vary according to equipment size and distance. Just give us a call and we can quote your delivery and pick up.
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