Rental of Portable AC

Reyami Rental is one-stop solution for equipment rental services which provides a wide range of equipment options for all types of events and projects. Staying cool and comfortable during hot weather is essential, especially in areas where central air conditioning isn’t available or practical. That’s why we offer a range of portable AC units that can quickly and easily cool any space, from small rooms to large open areas.


We provide efficient and reliable portable air conditioning solutions to meet your needs. Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality portable AC units that are easy to install, use, and maintain. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a rental.  Our portable AC offer the ultimate flexibility in cooling and you can easily move them from one location to another, ensuring that you stay cool wherever you are. We understand the importance of reliable cooling, especially during hot summer months. Our portable AC units are maintained regularly and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they are in optimal condition. You can rely on our units to provide consistent and effective cooling whenever you need it.

We offer flexible rental options to suit your needs, whether you need a portable AC unit for a day, a week, or longer. Our team of experienced technicians will deliver and install the AC unit at your location, ensuring that it’s functioning correctly and efficiently. We take pride in offering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly portable AC units that operate quietly, providing you with a peaceful and comfortable environment. Renting a portable AC unit is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining your cooling equipment. By opting for our rental services, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient cooling without the upfront costs or long-term commitments. Our flexible rental plans ensure that you only pay for the duration you need the units. With our efficient and reliable portable AC units, you can stay cool, comfortable, and stress-free. 


Shooting a movie in scorching heat can be challenging, but we’ve got your back. We are introducing the rental or hire of portable AC for movie shooting site in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. One of our main services includes the hire of portable AC units, designed to keep your crew and equipment comfortable during filming. It is easy to move and install, ensuring you can maintain a comfortable environment wherever you need it on your set. It is tailored to handle the challenging climate, ensuring that your movie production remains on schedule without disruptions due to extreme temperatures. With our rental services, you can count on reliable and high-quality cooling equipment to create a comfortable working environment for your team.  Contact us today to discuss your portable AC rental needs and ensure a successful movie shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent your equipment from Reyami Rental?

Reyami Rental is dedicated to providing late model, quality equipment rentals at the best rates coupled with excellent customer service and support to resolve quickly and completely any issues you may have with your rental.

Can I reserve equipment in advance?

Yes. You can reserve your equipment only up to two days prior to your rental. First time customers must come in to complete the paperwork.

Do I have to return the equipment full of fuel?

We send it out full of fuel so we do ask that it is returned full to avoid fuel charges.

Can I have my equipment delivered and picked up? What are the rates?

We can deliver your equipment to your home or job site. Delivery and pick up rates vary according to equipment size and distance. Just give us a call and we can quote your delivery and pick up.
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