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Reyami Rental provides a wide range of equipment options to cater to all types of events and projects. We provide ablution containers that comply with safety regulations and are fire-rated. Our high-quality ablution containers are durable and designed to withstand any weather conditions. 

If you are looking for portable and customizable solutions for your ablution needs, look no further than our ablution container rental service. Our rental process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply get in touch with us  to discover further information about our rental service for ablution containers.

Our Ablution Containers are meticulously crafted to create a pristine, cozy, and hygienic space for users. Featuring dedicated compartments for toilets, showers, and washbasins, these containers guarantee privacy and convenience. Their portability allows for swift deployment at any desired site, making them perfect for construction projects, outdoor gatherings, or temporary facilities. We place utmost importance on cleanliness, diligently maintaining our containers to uphold impeccable standards. Additionally, our customizable options enable you to personalize the layout and features of the ablution containers to perfectly align with your unique needs. Experience optimal comfort and sanitation by renting our Ablution Containers.


Our containers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and come equipped with showers, toilets, and urinals. They also feature built-in fresh water and sewage tanks, as well as ventilation to ensure an odor-free environment. We also provide regular cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that the containers remain in excellent condition throughout the rental period. Our Ablution Containers are manufactured to civil defense standards and feature a special design to meet the requirements of zone areas. They are compact and durable, with built-in facilities for easy mobility and convenient usage.

With single hooking facility for external lines, they are easy to set up and use. We handle everything from delivery to setup and offer 24/7 backup service for all units on hire, making it a hassle-free solution for special projects. Environmental sustainability is also a consideration with ablution container rentals. We offer  eco-friendly options that incorporate water-saving technologies, energy-efficient systems, and eco-conscious materials. By opting for these environmentally responsible alternatives, you can minimize your ecological impact while still providing essential hygiene facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent your equipment from Reyami Rental?

Reyami Rental is dedicated to providing late model, quality equipment rentals at the best rates coupled with excellent customer service and support to resolve quickly and completely any issues you may have with your rental.

Can I reserve equipment in advance?

Yes. You can reserve your equipment only up to two days prior to your rental. First time customers must come in to complete the paperwork.

Do I have to return the equipment full of fuel?

We send it out full of fuel so we do ask that it is returned full to avoid fuel charges.

Can I have my equipment delivered and picked up? What are the rates?

We can deliver your equipment to your home or job site. Delivery and pick up rates vary according to equipment size and distance. Just give us a call and we can quote your delivery and pick up.


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