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Dewatering & Pump Rental Sevices

RTS Construction Equipment Rental LLC has a formidable presence in the industrial scenario of the Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries and in the emerging markets of Africa and South Asia. Our pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process. We specialize in the rental of dewatering pumps of any Capacity to the above-said market. Contact us for hire of dewatering pumps in Dubai and all of the GCC Countries

Design services

Our Design Engineers use application data and field experience to design the most efficient and effective solutions and facilitate permits when requested.

On-site service and repair right the 1st time – Field technician's fully-stocked service trucks that routinely service and repair installed

Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps from RTS Rental feature three styles of abrasion resistant, high chrome steel impellers. These pumps are ideal for a wide range of purposes: industrial, municipal and commercial use.

RTS Rental's Electric Pumps can be installed in a variety of applications including deep wells, permanent piped-in configurations, guide rail installations or temporary installations requiring hoses.

This is where our knowledge and practical experience come into play; Project Dewatering’s past experiences from trial and error as well as the practical application can significantly improve the success rate of your wellpoint project. Project Dewatering offers wellpoints that have the advantage of being installed relatively quickly in most ground conditions, and are easy to maintain.

Our Deep Well Dewatering program is especially suited for medium to long-term dewatering of larger projects. Our experienced team works with the site construction team to strategically position wells around the site. The deep well system economically and reliably lowers the water table with little disruption to the construction and building progress.

Dewatering Pumps:
These pumps are perfect for applications where pumping muddy, mucky, and salt water is required.

Auto Prime pumps are specially designed to effectively handle a wide range of liquids from water to sewage and sludge that can contain solids and other material. Auto Prime pumps provide a dependable, highly efficient solution in a completely automatic self-priming pump. It is capable of achieving maximum flows of 2000 gpm (455 m3/h) and maximum total head of 165 feet (50 m)

Centrifugal Wellpoint pumps provide a compact, dependable, highly efficient solution in a completely automatic self-priming pump with built in air separation.

Stainless Steel:
Stainless Steel pumps are ideal for situations requiring effluent dewatering, corrosive sumps, chemical spills and collection sumps.

Sewage Pumps:
Sewage Pumps are ideal for pumping mixed wastes that clog other types of pumps.

Also, hire of the following dewatering pumps

Water Pump
Agitator Sludge Pump
Electrical Sewage Pump
Booster Pump
Vacuum and Booster Pump

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