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Hire of Lighting Towers | Rental of Lighting Towers | Tower Light Rental | Portable Lighting Towers  in the region of DUBAI, QATAR, OMAN, SAUDI ARABIA and AFRICA

RTS Construction Equipment Rental LLC, pioneers in the Rental of Lighting Towers or Hire of Lighting Towers in Dubai, UAE and also Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman

RTS Construction Equipment Rental LLC has a formidable presence in the industrial scenario of the Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries and in the emerging markets of Africa and South Asia. Our pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process. RTS offers a wide range of lighting towers for rental at affordable prices to carry out the operations efficiently for various applications, from construction sites to industrial work without any hassle. These lighting towers | tower lights are produced by leading manufacturers to meet the industry-specific requirements. They are low noise design, which makes them suitable for the construction industry. Featuring a 360-degree rotation, it is easy to change the light direction of the lighting tower. Hire of Lighting Towers from RTS feature different intensities, dimensions, and weights.

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Mr. Ashok C Dharman
Mobile: +971 50 5572635
Email: ashok@reyamirental.com

Ms. Jasmine Nazer
Hire Desk coordinator
Mobile: +971 50 9794719
Email: jasmine@reyamirental.com
Landline:+971 4 2452400
Email: salesuae@reyamirental.com



Mr. Jobi K. Benjamin

Hire Desk Coordinator
Mobile: +968 99217686
Email: jobikb@reyamirental.com
Landline: +968 24445411
Email: salesoman@reyamirental.com


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