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Hire of Manlift / Rental of Manlift in the region of DUBAI, QATAR, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA and Africa

RTS Construction Equipment Rental LLC has got a wide range of manlifters for rent to meet your construction applications. Manlifters come in various sizes with amazing maneuverability to help you be as efficient and productive as possible. Designed with a spacious cage for added comfort and convenience, the manlifter can handle the biggest jobs with maximum performance. All-wheel steering including two-wheel and four-wheel circle, the equipment is sure to meet varied maneuverability. A diverse range of attachments increases versatility to meet your lifting requirements with ease. RTS Rental offers both Articulated and Straight Booms from JLG and Rapid Access.

Ranges from 15 Mtrs to 42 Mtrs
Reach greater heights of performance

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Mr. Ashok C Dharman
Mobile: +971 50 5572635
Email: ashok@reyamirental.com

Ms. Jasmine Nazer
Hire Desk coordinator
Mobile: +971 50 9794719
Email: jasmine@reyamirental.com
Landline:+971 4 2452400
Email: salesuae@reyamirental.com


Mr. Jayachandran. K
Mob: +974 55342287
Email: jayank@reyamirental.com

Hire Desk Coordinator
Ms. Sreedevi Rajan
Tel: +974 44167898
Email: salesqatar@reyamirental.com

Service & Breakdown
Mr. Ratheesh Bhaskaran
Mob: +974 66729612
Email: ratheesh.b@reyamirental.com

Mr. Vijaykumar V.Kartha
Mobile: +968 91187940
Email: vijaykumarvk@reyamirental.com

Mr. Jobi K. Benjamin
Hire Desk Coordinator
Mobile: +968 99217686
Email: jobikb@reyamirental.com
Landline: +968 24445411
Email: salesoman@reyamirental.com


Mr. Shafir Althaf

Mobile: +966 54 421 6659
Email: althaf@reyamirental.com
Landline: +966 13 8813 800/822
Email: salesksa@reyamirental.com


Mr. Reshikeshan B
Mobile: +225 79 984917
Email: reshi@reyamirental.com

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