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Hire of Generators | Rental of Generator | Generator Hire | Dubai | UAE, QATAR, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA and Africa

RTS Construction Equipment Rental LLC provides power Generator rentals or Hire in UAE - Dubai, QATAR, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA deliver cutting edge temporary power solutions with its comprehensive fleet of branded power generators in the range from 5kva - 1500kva. Boasting quiet operation and reliable power to meet the demands of various applications from construction, oil & gas to Events organizing and etc. Special projects are handled offering a total package for various products including associated accessories (like as; diesel tank, distribution board, changeover switch, synchronization panel, cable and standby technicians) and additional services.

Our Core activity is hire of Generators / Rental of Generators in the region of DUBAI, QATAR, OMAN & SAUDI ARABIA and Africa

Hire of Generators | Rental of Generator | Generator Hire |Genset Hire | Rental of Genset |Dubai | UAE

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Mr. Ashok C Dharman
Mobile: +971 50 5572635
Email: ashok@reyamirental.com

Ms. Jasmine Nazer
Hire Desk coordinator
Mobile: +971 50 9794719
Email: jasmine@reyamirental.com
Landline:+971 4 2452400
Email: salesuae@reyamirental.com



Mr. Jobi K. Benjamin

Hire Desk Coordinator
Mobile: +968 99217686
Email: jobikb@reyamirental.com
Landline: +968 24445411
Email: salesoman@reyamirental.com


Mr. Shafir Althaf

Mobile: +966 54 421 6659
Email: althaf@reyamirental.com
Landline: +966 13 8813 800/822
Email: salesksa@reyamirental.com


Mr. Reshikeshan B
Mobile: +225 79 984917
Email: reshi@reyamirental.com

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